miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2008

Let me introduce my friends

Dedicado a mis amigos
y a Payín que cumplió años.

WE'RE FROM CHIHUAHUA xD, We're from Barcelona
I'm gonna sing this song with all of my friends
and we're all from Barcelona (from Chihuahua!)
Love is a feeling that we don't understand
but we're gonna give it to ya
We'll aim for the stars
we'll aim for your heart
when the night comes
And we'll bring you love
You'll be one of us when the night comes :)

Cumple de Ángel, 7 de Septiembre 2008

Pedro, Payo, Chumel y Chuy... they don't miss you like i do... jeje pinchis morras!

Los quiero amigos!

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